I think he realized in real-time what he just shared with me. You could literally cut through the air…

I've always believed it is important to trust your intuition.

Having lived in Los Angeles for nearly five years, I embraced the city's luxury gyms, trendy yoga studios, and rooftop spin classes. But the pandemic forced my typically busy and stimulating professional life to move at a slower pace. I felt a yearning for the mountains like never before. I craved adventure and new experiences beyond my comfort zone. 

I decided to take a two-week ski trip and meet friends and family between Lake Tahoe and Telluride. I knew change was coming. I felt the undercurrent of change happening in my entire being. I felt completely settled in this shift and excited to pursue new experiences.

Lindsey learning to ski tour in Tahoe

Unbeknownst to me, an old acquaintance from college was experiencing a similar shift in his life. He packed his bags and moved out of San Francisco to embrace the mountain lifestyle closer to his family in Lake Tahoe. He bounced between ski trips in Aspen and Jackson Hole when a mutual friend of ours called to let him know I was in Tahoe for the week. He had a (major) crush on me in school, so he thought this was his chance. He packed his bags in Jackson Hole and drove straight to Tahoe.

Once he arrived, he texted me to ask about a ski day together. I replied, "I'm on the mountain right now.” It was a Tuesday, so I wondered if he would be able to join me. “Do you want to play hookie?" to which he responded, "I love hookie. I'll see you at 11a.m."

Every mountain girl has their habitual start the day ski route on their home mountain. In Vail, I take mid-Vail's Chair 3, then cross over the hill to Seldom. He took me through his "route" at Palisades. We jumped on the Olympic Lady lift and he started to tell me how his parents skied the lap we had just taken together and while on this route, his dad decided his mom was "the one". I think he realized in real-time what he just shared with me. You could literally cut through the air.  After not seeing one another for years, we were now experiencing instant chemistry, the tension was so intense. Both of our hearts skipped a beat.

Lindsey & Macaulay in British Columbia

We continued to see each other for the next 3 days. Our second date, we rented backcountry gear so he could take me ski touring for the first time. The third day / date, we went on a moonlit ski overlooking the lake. Afterwards, he introduced me to his entire family over dinner. I drank so much wine bonding with his mom that I had to stay the night. He and I became inseparable.

Our relationship moved so quickly, but so naturally. Throughout our time together, my world has opened up. He has introduced me to new experiences I didn't know I could have. The bond we've built through these adventures has provided me with the energy I craved all along. Our one-year anniversary was on February 13th. We celebrated by starting a six-week ski trip. Together, we drove through California, Oregon, Washington, and all the way up to Canada. We arrived at a romantic ski cabin in Nelson, British Columbia, where I am writing this diary entry.

The change I could feel in my life was not only for adventure, but for growth, and openness unlike ever before. My intuition led me down this path, and I am forever grateful that I listened to my inner self. I hope this message can be passed along to those who read this:

Open your mind and open your heart -- you will be pleasantly surprised to see where new experiences can lead you.



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